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When My Dream Became Reality

Being a gynecologist with a special interest in iron and vitamin research, I wondered why my patients were suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies despite taking various kinds of supplements that they showed me at the consultation. Often several products were mixed because an «all in one» solution that was safe, effective, and easy to handle did not exist for women.

In 2003, I had the idea to launch a women’s nutritional supplement line based on the increasing importance of Orthomolecular medicine in gynecology. Orthomolecular medicine states that the basis for good health is nutrition and is a form of alternative medicine. It aims to maintain good health through nutritional supplementation. The basic concept is that diseases reflect nutritional deficiencies in the body. This medical field originated with Nobel laureate Linus Pauling when he proposed that vitamin C was useful in treating and preventing the common cold.

My goal was to develop a holistic concept for women, including orthomolecular medicine; in other words, nutritional supplements, to improve women’s overall health. This was the birth of my first nutritional supplements line and subsequently expanded to men supplements.

The initial vision was to create a supplement line that would address different stages in the women’s life cycle, such as better aging, hair, skin and nail beauty, fertility, pregnancy, and phases of suppressed immune systems. Later a line for Men’s needs to improve sperm quality and muscle energy was developed. It was also my vision to use the best quality of vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts, based on scientific evidence regarding both the ingredient itself and the quantity that the body needs for the specific purpose.


Welcome to  PURA ° SWISS – A Swiss company specialized in science-based orthomolecular supplements, continuing to improve women and men’s health every day. I’d be thrilled if you will benefit from the highest quality and expert composition of our PURA ° SWISS by Prof. Breymann products.


We Take Your Health and Well-Being Seriously.

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