PURA SWISS was created out of love for human stability and with a responsibility to take mental and health issues seriously, founder & developer Prof. Dr. Christian Breymann invested time and passion and in-depth scientific research for delivering you life-long solutions.

Our mission is to instantly elevate your everyday life by boosting mental disposition, overall health, and inner glow. We believe that nutritional and emotional wellbeing is the key to a fulfilling, balanced and healthy life.

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Our Philosophy

Prof Breymann envisioned PURA SWISS as a timeline supplement, following people’s life chronologically, always being ready to complement a specific time and stage of a woman or man’s life. Teen, adult, pregnancy, changing work, moving house, PURA Swiss is your back-up power.

We have created PURA SWISS by having your own true self in mind, challenged by stress, anxiety, complexions, tiredness and being subjected to contemporary tense situations which require support. We understand the particularities of your life and the unexpected changes, being prepared with a wholesome selection, tailored to your needs. Modern women and men choose PURA SWISS for their overall well-being and happiness.

We are strongly motivated to set you up for success!